About Geology

This web site is designed to introduce geology in a different way. Think about geology beyond identifying rocks and minerals. So many natural phenomena like volcanoes, earthquakes, and mountains can be explained if you know a little geology. And the neat thing is, they're all related to one another.

Geologic processes explains:

  • the relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes
  • where streams flow
  • where & why landslides and rockslides occur
  • how cave are formed
  • why mountain ranges are located in certain regions of the earth
  • the growing and shrinking of the world's oceans
  • location of ore minerals, crude oil, and natural gas

These are just a few of the phenomena that geologists study. As you venture through this web site, ask yourself how each event is related. Hopefully we will spark your curiosity about the world around you.

Here are some links to neat geology activities you can try.

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